Well, here are some good reason why you do.. yes you do..if you are in a business for yourself, marketing a product for a new business, have a Hobby that is unique or have something to say and have an opinion, the best way to be seen is online.  Where else can it be accessed from anywhere on the planet?  or others.. if possible.
Open 24/7:
When you have a website you are accessible at all times.. and by almost anyone that has the internet ( that number is increasing globally!) What you have to sell, advertise or wanting to gain subscribers to a blog can be accomplished via the web. Why do think I am blogging this topic.. yes of course!!
First Impressions:
Your website most probably has some personal identity about you, your business or your lifestyle. Although pretty websites are not always the key to gaining customers, it does reflect on you or your business. What does your website say about you??
When your website has credibility it gives you power.. it promotes authority! When your website is linked to others or is cross referenced to other websites, this is a powerful tool! What you say or are said about in other websites gives you credibility and is a common used tool to give optimization when a search engine ( Google, Yahoo and others) looks for those specific keywords that may be contained on your website ( ex: 1960's robot character)  https://moz.com/learn/seo/page-authority
Gain Customers or Readers:
Followers are what you are looking to attract when you have a business, some of the best ways are thru social media or blogs.  Some companies pay thousands of dollars a year to pull you into their website via search engines, advertising or marketing campaigns.   But there are simple ways this can be done for the small business as well.  Give those potential customers a reason to come back.. "Purchase an order with us and receive 10% off on your next order" They will tell others as well.. referrals are a big thing and can really get you more customers and more credibility!

Remember your website is for your Customers... readers or social engagement.  It's where you want to be..  iCOM Technologies can be your destination for building your business identity.
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