As we move closer to the holiday season there are usually more and more attempts by criminals to use various tactics to steal your identity. ICOM Technnologies likes to help our customers be wary of these attempts and alert you when we feel there is a legitimate need. With that in mind we have been made aware of a recent email phishing campaign that is circulating. This particular phishing attempt is targeted toward DHL Services. It is a very official looking attempt and can deceive even the most savvy person.

We have included the image of the email to help you to distinguish it:

DHL Phishing Email Attempt

DHL Email Phishing Attempt

Please be aware that these emails can land in your email inbox regardless of whether you are a DHL customer or not. The best thing is to immediately send the email to the trashbin. Do not enter your credentials on the page for any reason. Also, as with every unsolicited email, we highly recommend you scrutinize thoroughly before you click on any link or you open any attachment of these emails.

Please share this with your friends and family members to help them avoid these situations.